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Generator Rental


Need a generator or light tower for your next event or construction job?

Event Lighting and Power has you covered.



  • Available directly from our Hamilton depot
  •  Portable petrol-powered 2KVA and 3KVA units
  •  Towable 50KVA units
  •  Full range of cabling and power distribution equipment available
  •  Other generator options available on request

Light Towers

  • Self contained tow-able units
  •  4x1000w Metal Halide lamps
  •  9m mast height
  •  Up to 85 hour fuel run time


Sirocco LED Balloon Lights

sirocco s construction 

Sirocco LED lighting balloon on a worksite


There may be situations where a light tower is either impossible or impractical to use. Sirocco LED balloon lights are the solution.

  • Great for those hard-to-light areas of an event or worksite.
  •  Glare-free 360 degree lighting
  •  Hot restrike
  •  Fire-retardant, self-inflating balloon
  •  Wind rating of up to 70 Km/h
  •  5m Mast Height